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Readings with Sally Graciela

Offering clarity and insight for confident decision making.

Se habla Español.


I highly recommend Sally. She truly has a gift. She really cares, and you will never feel judged, and you will be comfortable and grounded. And I am excited to do more with her in the future!
Anthony Bradshaw, New Jersey

Sally is that rare gem — a true healer and intuitive. You will feel the tingle as the spirit moves through her voice and hands, and after being graced by it you will be clearer, calmer, and stronger.
Rene Pickering, Trumansburg, NY

Thank you for the healing you gave me last year, which was very deep and gave me the clearing I needed to begin building strength again.
Kitty McGnarlson, Ithaca, NY

While facing the greatest grief of losing my fiancé, Sally made me feel not alone anymore. She gave me hope and support. I’ve never been the type of person who goes to sessions like these, but after my experience with Sally, I can’t wait for my next one!
Lisa Marie Kowalski, Manchester, CT

“My sole purpose is to help you clear away the baggage of your past and embrace your future dreams.”

Through the tools of Tarot and insightful intuition I will help you find your path to joy.

“You are the Light of the World.” Mathew 5:14-16

May you find your path to joy and a song in your heart!

Se habla Español

To sample more of Sally’s readings visit her YouTube Channel.

Available for private parties!

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Sally is a professional actress, singer, performer, and teacher whose life-journey has led her to share her intuitive gifts to help others – especially those wanting to manifest their deepest creativity. Sally has read Tarot, palms, and given intuitive readings for thousands of clients at various Renaissance festivals throughout the country.  If you’re feeling stuck, if you need insight and inspiration to help overcome inner obstacles, if you’re feeling lost or disconnected from yourself or your art, know this: you are not alone! From times of crisis can come rich personal discovery if we allow ourselves to find it. When we identify our inner obstacles we can see clearly to remove them one by one.

Use the time you have now to discover who you are on a deeper level, and connect more authentically with your family, your friends, and your creativity. Heal and move ahead. Let Sally help you with that process, and reawaken your faith in your higher power, and in yourself.

What is an intuitive reading?

Your reading is about you! An intuitive reading is a one-on-one consultation in which a gifted reader connects with a deep part of her client, and brings to light old destructive patterns, past history, present conflicts, and future possibilities. A successful reading brings the client closer to the soul, to the Light, to Divine Purpose.

What not to expect from Sally

Judgment. We’re all in this together. Life is a mystery, and it’s the quality of the journey that makes all the difference.


What to expect from a reading with Sally

Unconditional support, guidance, and no-nonsense insight into areas of personal life including career, making big decisions, and life transitions.

Since we sometimes have trouble letting go of the past, a reading with Sally usually uncovers what has been holding you back. It also helps to clarify what you want to achieve, and facilitates past, present, and future integration.

When this happens you can expect both a shot in the arm, a kick in the butt, or a gentle redirection of thought, along with suggestions for meditation, prayer, and scriptural readings.

A reading with Sally is a step along the path of your personal faith journey, and a reminder that faith, hope, and love are the real energy for making miracles.

To Book A Reading With Sally Graciela

If you are interested in a reading with Sally, please contact her to schedule a time.

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